Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday services run from 10:30 to 11:30 am

March 3 – Annual Meeting

Elections, budgets, and the opportunity to have your say in an important part of our Unitarian Fellowship life.


March 10 – International Women’s Day: Celebrate the Journey

Journey – we are all on individual and shared journeys. “We were not born at the same time and we will not die at the same time. And yet, we are all here today.”
– Excerpt from a responsive reading by Jo-Anne Elder-Gomes of the Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association.
Join us today as we explore our individual and shared journey.
Potluck Sunday – Join us for food and fellowship after the service


March 17 – Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Guest Speaker: Jamie Ceron, Coordinator of the Young Parent Program

Catholic Family Services stands by the motto, “Open hearts, open minds, open doors” This philosophy and ideology guides and drives the programs that are offered within the non-profit community-based organization. The agency offers many strength-based programs, one of them being the Young Parent Program that is coordinated by Jamie Ceron. Jamie will be sharing information on what being a part of the Young Parent Program means and how it positively impacts a diverse group of young families.
Our partnership with Catholic Family Services to provide space for the program is a reflection of our mission & purpose to promote social concern, practice compassion and promote justice.

March 24 – Martin and Malcolm: The Expanding Critique of America

Guest Speaker: Dr. Richard Hordern

Richard Hordern spoke in the fall of 2018 on the early history of Social Gospel. Today we will hear about Martin Luther King, Malcom X and the influence each man had on the other. How did King’s tactics change over the years, as he widened his social analysis to include world peace and poverty? How did he interact with the Black Power movement of Malcom X and how did it alter King’s philosophy?

March 31 – Rolling the Dice: God, Climate Change and Saskatchewan

Speaker: Richard Jack

Today’s presentation is about climate change in our society. Richard Jack uses theological, economic, philosophical, and political arguments from experts to frame his presentation. He will look at available information and the consequences of ignoring it. With an admitted bias as the Saskatchewan Green Party Deputy Leader, Richard will offer information from a wide variety of sources.