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Monthly Theme for February – Trust

As we once again explore a theme for the month of February. We’ll have a couple of presentations on the theme in February.

February 2nd – Anatomy of Trust

Video Talk by Brene Brown, introduced by Tanya Walker

In this video of a live appearance at UCLA’s Royce Hall, research professor, social scientist, New York Times best-selling author and TED Talk sensation Dr. Brené Brown discusses the fundamentals of trust. Brené explains how she was moved to focus on the topic after watching her daughter struggle with a betrayal of trust. Brené says she eventually found a way to teach her daughter to build trust and identify the people in her life who deserve it. She also explains why gossip harms relationships more than we realize and creates an intimacy that isn’t real.   

Choir Practice today at 9:40 before the service.

February 9th – Winston of Churchill a comical environmental tale

By Jean Davies Okimoto; narrated by Jane Knox

Winston the bear lives in Churchill, Manitoba. Much like a certain other famous Winston, when Winston the bear speaks, others listen. But there is controversy; not everyone agrees. Even Winston wonders… How can we help each other to protect the earth?


February 16th – Trust 

With Andrew Quackenbush

In who or what do you trust?  When the trustworthy becomes untrustable, where do you turn?  Today’s presentation will explore our responses to the loss of trust.

Today we are exploring the theme of trust again with Andrew Quackenbush.  Andrew is a writer, teacher, musician, Unitarian, just to name a few of the roles he lives.  We always trust Andrew to give us a very thoughtful and thought provoking presentation.  


 February 23rd – Making Waves & Sharing Our UU Faith

With Carol Porter & Joanne Green

Sharing Our Faith is a project of the Canadian Unitarian Council each year.  The Sharing Our Faith program encourages greater awareness of our Canadian congregations and the work each is doing in the areas of justice, equity and the strengthening of community.  This year’s theme encourages and challenges Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists to make waves that embody justice, practice radical inclusion, challenge the status quo, and push us to remain relevant into the future.   The making of waves could be literal or figurative!

We will have a special collection for the CUC Sharing Our Faith projects.  Our congregation was a recipient of a grant in 2015 and 2016 for a consulting minister.