Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday services run from 10:30 to 11:30 am

May Theme – Curiosity: What are you curious about?

The theme for May can lead to many questions – questions about faith, about life, about beliefs. On May 19th we’ll have time to share our reflections on curiosity in the Unitarian Universalist faith.

Let us be curious – may we contemplate what we believe and why. Let us be curious – may we inquire to learn more about beliefs and experiences different from our own. Let us be curious – may we explore the world around us so that we might broaden our awareness and appreciate the beauty that is while exploring what else might be.

May 5 – A Curious Ministry

Written by Rev Josh Pawelek, presented by Marena Charron

“Sometimes the greatest ministry we offer to each other—the way we know, hold and love each other—is through encountering
each other’s stories. And what inspires us to offer such a ministry? Curiosity. When we are curious about each
other’s stories—really, truly, genuinely curious—when we listen with open hearts and minds—we offer a humanizing
ministry, a ministry of recognition, acknowledgment, embrace. Continuous revelation is not only out there in the natural
world, in the expanding universe, or the universe of ideas. Our lives and our stories are sources of continuous revelation
as well…” The words of Rev Josh Pawelek, UU minister in Manchester, Connecticut.


May 12 – Mother’s Day: What Did You Learn From The Mother Figure(s) in Your Life

In this participatory service, we’ll be sharing about mother figures. Most of us will think of female figures when we hear those words. But many mother figures may not fit the stereotype. When we say mother figure, many of us will picture a female, likely our mother, aunt, or perhaps grandmother. But there are others who fulfill the ‘mothering’ role that don’t fit the stereotype. ‘What have we learned from the mother (or nurturing) figures in our life.’

Potluck Sunday – Join us for food and fellowship after the service


May 19 – Reflections on Curiosity in our Unitarian Universalist Faith

Join us today as we think about the role of curiosity in our Unitarian Universalist Faith. We’ve thought of a few questions to consider, but there are sure to be more.

1. What is your definition of Curiosity for your Self ?
2. Are you aware of the role it plays in your life?
3. In what ways might curiosity touch your spiritual life?
4. Do you notice curiosity in others?

May 26 – Evolving Certainties: Resolving Conflict at the Intersection of Faith & Science

Guest Speaker: Terry Defoe

Evolving Certainties is a result of 30 years researching the relationship of faith and science. Terry Defoe is a retired pastor who served 34 years in a conservative Lutheran denomination called Lutheran Church Canada (LC-C), a staunchly young earth creationist group. His research over the years led him to reject that point of view and take on a pro-science, evolutionary view instead. Terry’s talk will be on the process of taking on a new worldview or paradigm, cognitive dissonance & confirmation bias, the importance of critical thinking and maintaining an open mind. Finally, he will discuss the difference between debating and engaging in dialogue. The title of chapter 10 in Evolving Certainties is Respectful Conversation. This is an increasingly rare and precious commodity in our world today and something I tirelessly advocate.
In denominations like LC-C evolution is the “E – word” — one of the most controversial subjects members can discuss. Which means that it’s not discussed much at all. Pastors and church leaders can lose their job should they advocate a position like the one in the book.