Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday services run from 10:30 to 11:30 am

July 7 – Annual Potluck and Pool Party in Lumsden hosted by Dave Cowley

We are fortunate to have an annual potluck and pool party each year at the home of Dave Cowley.  Bring your favourite summer food and your bathing suit if you’re hardy! Contact us if you need directions!

July 14 – Living Our Principles Part 2

hosted by Joanne Green

In June we talked about how we need the support of others to live our principles.  We shared examples of times when it was hard. And we talked about which principle we found the most challenging.

In part II of our three-part series, we’ll look at a different part of the discussion.  How do we become away when our ideas and feelings contradict our Principles. No brunch today – but the last day of the Fringe Festival will take place today in the upper hall.


July 21 – Living Yoga

With Kelly Green

Living Yoga is a practice where mindful moving benefits the body.  Breath, concentration and meditation benefit mind and mood. And awareness, ethical practices, and a sense of interconnection benefit one and all!  

This yoga is for everybody and every body both on and off the mat!  Bring your yoga mats if you would like or use a chair. Either way it will be an enjoyable time.

July 28 – Social Gospel / Neoliberalism Revisited

Hosted by David Cowley

We’ve had a couple of presentations about Social Gospel including one about the influences of Martin Luther King and Malcom X on each other.  We also had a YouTube video of Naomi Klein talking about her book ‘Shock Doctrine’. Today’s discussion will look at the difference between the two philosophies.

August 4 – Civic Holiday Weekend

No Service


August 11 – What Can We Do to Live More Lightly on the Earth?

Hosted by Tanya Walker

Studies and articles about climate change are everywhere.  Many people believe governments are not acting quickly enough to limit carbon emissions.  

Our seventh principle urges us to respect the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part.  What actions can we take as individuals and faith communities to effect change?

August 18 – Living Our Principles Part 3

Hosted by Jamie Struthers

In part 2 of our series on living our principles, we talked about becoming aware when our ideas and feelings contradict our Principles.  What do we do with the knowledge that we’ve gained individually and in our community?

August 25 – Book Share

Hosted by David Thompson and Hilary Craig

A summer tradition!  Tell us about a book you’ve read that was particularly enjoyable, or that influenced your life in some way.