Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday services run from 10:30 to 11:30 am

March 1st – We March For Bread … and We March For Roses Too!

With Guest Speaker Barb Byers

Why do we need to keep our attention on feminist approaches to problems, to raise awareness about women’s history, rituals, and perspectives? Barb Byers, well known in Regina as one of the most influential women in the Saskatchewan and Canadian labour movement, will share her views on women’s issues in the context of International Women’s Day.

Unitarian Singers practice today at 9:40 before the service.

March 8 – Annual General Meeting

Our annual meeting is the time for members to be present and vote. Everyone is welcome to attend and express opinions but to vote membership is required.

We’ll present our annual report, elect board members, review and approve the 2020 budget, hear from our board and think about the future.

No brunch today but we ask you to bring finger foods as snacks for a break during the meeting

March 15th – How to Change the World: A Field Guide

With Guest Speaker Liz James

When it comes to putting our energy into working for a better world, strategy matters. Liz will give an overview on the thinking and research on how to be effective in pushing for social change (and how do not burn yourself out), using stories both from Unitarian Universalism and from other types of activism. Liz draws on her work with political and media media campaigns, legal work, writing, and direct activism.

Service leader’s 2-hour workshop today with Liz James starts 11:45 am – bring a bag lunch and be inspired!

March 22nd

Our in-person service has been cancelled and we hope to reschedule our speaker for another date.  In the meantime, here’s a video of a song called Blue Boat Home for World Water Day.  


Sunday, March 29th

Same time, different place

Our service on March 29th will be shared via Zoom – an on-line meeting platform that allows us to see and hear each other.  We’ll have the normal Chalice lighting, a couple of readings, our speaker and some sharing time. Joanne Green will be the ‘host’ and service leader.  This is all new territory so we’ll hope for the best outcomes!

You can find instructions to join us on Zoom here, and the Order of Service so that you can follow along here.

The Doctrine of Discovery: What Does It Mean Today?

With Jamie Struthers

Jamie Struthers will talk about his research and personal discoveries when doing research for a paper at Vancouver School of Theology