Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday services run from 10:30 to 11:30 am

In-Person Gatherings at the Unitarian Fellowship

We have been following the news media, the health departments and others to gain insight into the future of faith groups.  We know that some groups have started limited in-person services.  However our Unitarian Fellowship will continue to meet online for the foreseeable future.  This decision means that we continue to be challenged to learn new skills and ways to share.

September Theme – Journey

We are continuing to use themes to inspire some of our services each month. For the first three months of our church year, we are going to explore the theme of journey. The past six months have been an especially intense journey into the unknown. Most of us have been on many journeys in our lives – physical, emotional, spiritual, educational and more. We’ll start our year with our water ceremony and then on to the Journey: Where have we been, what have we learned, and where might we go on this journey of our lives.


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September 20 – Where Have You Been (on your Journey)?

Our theme this fall is: The Journey and what it means to be people of Journey.

Before we set out together, let us share our experiences of the past six months: what we have learned, what we have let go; the highs and the lows and where we hope to be heading; the navigation maps and tools we might need. A discussion/sharing Sunday.





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September 27 – Pandemics that shook the world: The Great Influenza 1918-1920 and COVID-19

Speaker: Richard Jack Service Leader: Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz

Richard hopes to inspire more people to examine the history of how society deals with pandemics in a thoughtful, informed way.





Past Sunday Services

Check out the podcasts of some of our past Sunday services:

Fools, Coyotes and Sacred Clowns – Mooky Cornish – April 2020 (an amazing story of clowning around the world)

How to Change the World: A Field Guide – Liz James – March 2020 (change your world view and see possibilities)

We March For Bread … and We March For Roses Too! – Barb Byers March 2020 (a fascinating perspective for International Woman’s Day)

Trust  – Andrew Quackenbush – February 2020 (who should we trust and why?)

More podcasts are available here.