Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday services run from 10:30 to 11:30 am

Services 2023 – Unitarian Centre (and on Zoom)

Join us for friendly, informal Sunday Services at 10:30 AM. Check below to see if services will be held in-person at 2700 College Avenue (the Unitarian Centre), and/or on Zoom

Please note that the January 7 service uses a different Zoom address than the other weeks.

June 30 – No Service

Canada Day weekend.

July 7 – Summer Book Share

Come with a book and/or author recommendation, share why you like it/them and we can build a summer reading list.

In-Person Service

July 14 – No Service

Come out to the Regina International Fringe Festival!

July 21 – Why Having Fun is the Secret to a Healthier Life

TED Talk

In this TED talk Catherine Price, award winning health and science journalist, author and founder of Screen/Life Balance discusses how having more fun in our lives is the spark we need to have a more meaningful and connected life.

In-Person Service

July 28 – Indigenous Historic Places in Saskatchewan

Today we celebrate Indigenous historic places in Saskatchewan. We will view videos about Wanuskewin Heritage Park, St. Victor Petroglyphs Provincial Park, and Batoche National Historic Site.  There will be open discussion after the video presentation.

In-Person Service

August 4 – No Service

Enjoy the long weekend!

August 11 – Recognizing Indigenous Leadership

Join us as we recognize the many accomplishments of Indigenous leaders. Indigenous activists, politicians, artists, musicians, actors and authors have made significant contributions to Saskatchewan.

In-Person Service


August 18 – Be Free in Ageing

In this video, artist Jenny Jackson talks about how she views herself as a woman who is in her later years of life.  She shares how she  lives a fulfilling life, and questions if age has any real meaning.

There will be time for discussion after the video to talk about how we view our own ageing.

In-Person Service


August 25 – Devout and Out: Cormac

CBC Gem short doc about the struggles of a non-binary person with their identity, including within their faith community. They ultimately find their calling as a youth pastor within an affirming Toronto Anglican community. There will be time to discuss the documentary after the viewing .

In-Person Service


Past Sunday Services

Welcoming Congregation logo

Treaty Land Sharing Network

Speaker: Joel Mowchenko

The Treaty Land Sharing Network connects farmers and other landholders with First Nations and Métis people needing safe access to land to practise their way of life. They are committed to honouring the Spirit and Intent of Treaties by sharing the land for mutual benefit.

The video from the service is available here.

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Electric vehicles – Why make the switch?

Speaker: John Klein

John Klein, President of the Regina Car Share Co-operative, and a person who bikes year-round in Regina, will speak on EVs (Electric Vehicles) – How can we switch from gas vehicles and why? Save money! Reduce pollution!

The video from the service is available here, and the podcast can be found here.

Welcoming Congregation logo

Community Deathcare in Saskatchewan – Bringing Death Home

Speaker: Denise Séguin Horth

Denise Séguin Horth is an End-of-Life Doula, Educator and advocate for Hospice and Palliative Care in Saskatchewan. End of Life Doulas help clients reflect on their values and wishes in how they would like to spend their last days. Denise will give us insight on how we and our families can more fully participate in deathcare decisions, how to open conversations, and learn what funeral options exist in Saskatchewan.

Powerpoint Presentation

Child Poverty

Guest Speaker: Dr. Sally Mahood

Dr. Mahood will discuss the issue of child poverty in Canada and Saskatchewan. Who is impacted and how? What are the implications for educational and health care systems, and public policies that might address the issue? Dr. Mahood is a long time academic family physician in Saskatchewan who has a special interest in Women’s and Children’s health, and has been involved in advocacy for many years.

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Check out the podcasts of some of our past Sunday services:

Fools, Coyotes and Sacred Clowns – Mooky Cornish – April 2020 (an amazing story of clowning around the world)

How to Change the World: A Field Guide – Liz James – March 2020 (change your world view and see possibilities)

We March For Bread … and We March For Roses Too! – Barb Byers March 2020 (a fascinating perspective for International Woman’s Day)

Trust  – Andrew Quackenbush – February 2020 (who should we trust and why?)

More podcasts are available here.