Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday services run from 10:30 to 11:30 am

In-Person Gatherings at the Unitarian Fellowship

We have been following the news media, the health departments and others to gain insight into the future of faith groups.  We know that some groups have started limited in-person services.  However our Unitarian Fellowship will continue to meet online for the foreseeable future.  This decision means that we continue to be challenged to learn new skills and ways to share.

Contact us to get the Zoom contact info for a given service.

Zoom Safety Measures

We want to keep you safe, so when you click on the link to join the meeting, you will be invited into a “waiting room”.  This process allows our Host to verify your identity before you enter the main “Zoom room”.

We welcome newcomers and will ask you to identify yourself with name, location and your connection to the Fellowship if you are not a regular attendee. Perhaps you are a former member whom we seldom see or a family friend. We look forward to having you with us for our Sunday gathering.

Summer Conversations

In 2020 we have a new name!  We are calling our summer gatherings Summer Conversations.  We envision simple gatherings, with a topic, a facilitator and a Zoom host for each Summer Conversation.  The facilitator will be responsible for starting us with a Chalice lighting and a reading while monitoring to ensure everyone has a chance to share.  The Zoom hosts will start the Zoom ‘gathering’, admit people from the ‘waiting room’ and end the gathering when we’re done.

We thank everyone that has signed up as Zoom hosts as well as facilitators.

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July 5 – Ancestors in the Attic

Facilitator: Mooky Cornish        Zoom Host: Jane Knox

Bring a story about one who inspires you ( yours or ?…perhaps someone who gave/ gives you strength, made/ makes you laugh… walks the path in your heart.




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July 12 – The Desert Island Questionnaire

Facilitator: Jim Hutchings        Zoom Host: Jane Knox

If you could choose 1 of the following ?…Just one… 1 book….1 photo….1 musical instrument….1 tool….   What are we learning in these different times about what counts ?




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July 19 – The Art of Letter Writing

Facilitator: Wayne Williamson        Zoom Host: Jamie Struthers

Does anyone still write letters  ? Tell us about the most memorable letter or card you have ever received. Let’s chat about how we express our feelings these days.




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July 26 – Travel

Facilitator:  Jane Knox

In these times of physical distancing, what does travel signify for you….bring along your imagination and let’s “trip” together.




Past Sunday Services

Check out the podcasts of some of our past Sunday services:

Fools, Coyotes and Sacred Clowns – Mooky Cornish – April 2020 (an amazing story of clowning around the world)

How to Change the World: A Field Guide – Liz James – March 2020 (change your world view and see possibilities)

We March For Bread … and We March For Roses Too! – Barb Byers March 2020 (a fascinating perspective for International Woman’s Day)

Trust  – Andrew Quackenbush – February 2020 (who should we trust and why?)

More podcasts are available here.