Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday services run from 10:30 to 11:30 am

January 6 – Fire Ceremony

Leader: Terry Fehr

The Fire Ceremony invites you to reflect on the year that has just passed, and symbolically burn up that which you want to leave behind. Bring a small piece of paper to add to the community cauldron, containing a description, drawing or symbol to represent that which you wish to let go of and what you wish to change. To transform our lives, space needs to be created for the new!

Join us in reflecting upon your life and a new year. This is an opportunity to let go of hurts, fears, sorrows and regrets of the past and renew hopes for creating a better future for self and community.

January 13th – Mediation in Dispute Resolution

Guest Speaker: Rodger Linka

In May, 2018 Rodger Linka spoke to us about his role in the adjudication of claims under the Indian Residential School Claims.  In his law practice he has been actively engaged in the use of mediation in dispute resolution since 2003.  Today Mr. Linka will describe the mediation discipline within the context of current dispute resolution, compare it to the litigation process and describe essential elements of mediation.  He will also describe the use of mediation within a global context and describe what has been called The Third Way.

Potluck Sunday — Join us for food and fellowship after the service

January 20 – The Renaissance and Humanism

A YouTube Video

The YouTube video by Dr. Reeves, a church historian, is fascinating! The video shows us the history of humanism in the 16th Century.  Dr. Reeves’ primary research interests are political theology and ecclesiology during the Reformation, specifically political obedience, resistance theory and the relationship between church and state. He also has an interest in the early Swiss Reformation, the Tudor dynasty and early Protestant theology, Renaissance art and humanism.

January 27th – CUC Sharing Our Faith and Experiences from the Western Gathering

Each year, we share information about the Canadian Unitarian Universalist faith. This year we are adding reflections by Regina Unitarians on shared experiences in Winnipeg last October.  Each year there are gatherings around the country which give us an opportunity to share and learn. Several of us attended the Western Gathering in Winnipeg and found it very inspiring.  

During this service, we also take up a special collection which is sent to the CUC to support all Canadian congregations.