Resources for Living

​Everyday, we each do the best we can. Sometimes, we feel good about that. On other days, our life journey seems hard and we need the support of others.

The Unitarian Fellowship offers opportunities to be with others (sometimes on Zoom) and supports purposeful living. May you find something that suits you on these pages and in our Fellowship.

For more information or to submit ideas for these pages, please email:

Share inspirational prayers, spiritual resources 

The internet has a host of suggestions about how to live your life. Here is one with a balanced, reasoned approach from the Centre for Spirituality and Healing University of Minnesota (includes 5-minute nature video).


What gives you a “lift” … guided meditation? healing music? 

A Place in the Choir – words by Bill Staines, performed by Celtic Thunder (It will make you smile, I promise!)

Blue Boat Home – written and sung by Peter Mayer, a Canadian Unitarian – These are new words to a favourite tune and as a bonus, astonishing video about conservation in the ocean. Enjoy!

2S-LGBT-QIA supports 

Small changes in our behaviour can help make a difference!

Language basics

Pronouns—Using someone’s correct gender pronouns is one of the most basic ways to show your respect for their identity. It is a simple thing we can ALL do.

Links to resources:

  •  Human Rights are important. Although this is an American video, it is well done and has a powerful human rights message for trans youth. Please let us know if you have a current Canadian video or link.

Need Help? Support is Available

Be part of our Kindness Calls—helping others feels good! 

We try to keep in touch with each other, especially during difficult times like the 2020 pandemic. It gives us all a lift just to have a chat with others.

If you would like to have a brief conversation monthly with a Unitarian, contact:

Join others who wish to take action on social issues 

Our Fellowship has many interests, based on our principles and the circumstances of our country and province. Our library focus is on reconciliation but many members are well-informed on other social issues. Join us to take action toward positive race relations and other social action initiatives. Help us get to know the realities of our world and be a positive influence.

Please suggest other podcasts, books, videos … these will change over time so check back.