Rent our Venue

Make your wedding special in this affordable, attractive space with historic charm, dignity and character, and without religious symbols. Seats up to 175 in formal or informal gatherings … concerts, recitals, family reunions, memorials. Features historic dome, raised stage, sound system, electric piano, excellent acoustics. Easily decorated to reflect your personality. Lower hall available to serve drinks or for catered events. Access to parking after business hours; nearby playground; central location.

During the pandemic, public health advisories apply, and capacity is limited to enable social distancing between household groups. For current details, please get in touch. We look forward to discussing how we can accommodate you.

Room – Upper Hall

The sanctuary or upper hall  is well-suited for wedding ceremonies, other life celebrations, concerts and more.  The beautiful white-painted woodwork at the front of the hall is an understated decorative element that serves as a lovely backdrop to your event.  The sanctuary can seat up to 175 people in pews and chairs. There is a raised stage at the front of the space which is finished in natural wood flooring. 

Room – Lower Hall

The lower hall can be used for meetings, parties, potlucks, or receptions after weddings and other celebrations.

Capacity 50 People (tables & chairs)



Building information


Our building is equipped with chair lifts to provide access to both levels.  The building is not wheelchair accessible at present.

The washrooms on the lower level are accessible for those using walkers or canes. The women’s washroom has a change table and chair.

Sound Equipment

Arrangements may be possible for use of the sound system – an extra charge will apply.


The kitchen may be used to serve catered meals only.  No commercial food preparation is allowed.

The kitchen contains a fridge, stove, dishwasher & double sink, with enough dishes and cutlery for 50 people.

Rates (Kitchen use extra for all rentals)

Full Building

Hourly rate: $50/hour

Full day: $350

Sanctuary or upper hall (Capacity – 160+ people)

Hourly Rate: $40/hour 

Full Day: $300

Lower hall  (Capacity 50 people when seated with tables & chairs; 80 people standing only)

Hourly rate: $20/hour

Full day: $125


6 Hours or Less: $20

Full Day: $50

A Brief History of the Unitarian Centre

The Unitarian Centre was built in 1928 by the Church of Christian Scientists.  Van Egmond and Storey, the successor to Storey & Van Egmond, was one of Regina’s best known architects when the firm was commissioned to design the building.  

The Unitarian Fellowship purchased the building in 1992 and is just the second owner of this beautiful space.  The ceiling of the upper hall contains a dome which is approximately 20 feet (or 6.1 metres) across. Even with all of the shifting soil in Regina, the dome remains in beautiful condition.

Currently, our building is listed under the Heritage Holding Bylaw which was adopted by Council in 1989.  The list contains buildings that are of interest as Municipal Heritage Property.