Planned Giving

A Message from the Board

As Unitarians, we value sharing our time, resources, and wealth with others less fortunate. Giving is part of our commitment to work together for the common good. It is about looking outside ourselves and helping others. Planned giving means we think about giving ahead of time.

One of the biggest things we depend on as a charity is consistency so that we can continue to support you. For example, by becoming a monthly donor, you help build the strength and stability of the Fellowship. You can adjust the amount of your gift at any time, no matter whether you give by:

  • post-dated cheques,

Planned giving, whether a monthly donation or a bequest for the future, is an opportunity to strengthen the Fellowship’s efforts to be a positive force in our community. It can help you to make a significant impact on the community-building work of the Fellowship. Ultimately this can produce a healthier community and a more vibrant place to live – an enduring legacy of real benefit to future generations.

With warm gratitude for your generosity, no matter what, when, or how you give. 

The Board

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is a gift that is planned now and will occur in the future with no impact on a donor’s budget today. It’s not an outright gift now, but it could be a major gift later. A charitable bequest to the Fellowship, in your will, is a real way to strengthen our Unitarian community now because it strengthens and gives us confidence in our future.

A bequest is the act of giving or leaving something in your will. It can be cash, or other assets. Your legal advisor can help you prepare a will that addresses your individual wishes and requirements. It is simple: Just ask your lawyer to add a clause to your will. Your lawyer will need to know the amount/what you wish to bequeath and the full name, address, and charitable registration number for the Fellowship as follows:  

Unitarian Fellowship of Regina Inc.
2700 College Avenue, Regina, Sask.    S4T 1V1
(Charity Registration # 11926 0388 RR0001)

Why Planned Giving?

Planned giving is good for society, it’s good for our community (a good way to give back), and it’s good for each of us (personal satisfaction from doing good … and some studies say generosity reduces stress).

People leave charitable bequests for a variety of reasons including:

  • to continue support of the causes they believe in
  • to leave a tribute honoring a family member
  • to minimize their estate’s exposure to taxes;  ask your legal advisor to explain
Why make a Bequest specifically to the Unitarian Fellowship of Regina?

A bequest is a wonderful gift to your Unitarian friends when you are no longer there to support them in person. It is a way to say “thank you” to a valued community. A bequest leaves a legacy of care for the Fellowship and for the wider Regina community.

Planned giving contributes to a sustainable future for the Fellowship. It allows longer term planning for our community initiatives and preservation of our beautiful historic building. It enables the Board to consider more varied strategies for the Fellowship’s future.

In other words, Planned Giving is a win-win for everyone! Take action now to gain these advantages in the future … for your family, the Fellowship, and the community.