Community Leadership

Governance and Board of Trustees

The Regina Unitarian Fellowship is a  self‐governing  and  self‐supporting  organization.   We  are  democratically  governed  by our  Board of Trustees, our constitution and our voting membership.  We are also governed by  provincial legislation and federal charities legislation.
To contact Board members email the Administration Co-ordinator:

The current Board members are:

President: Jamie Struthers
Vice-President: Richard Jack
Secretary: Hilary Craig
Treasurer: Jane Knox
Past-President: Wybo Ottenbreit-Born
Trustees at Large: Tanya Walker, Carol Porter

Service Leaders and Ministers

Volunteers from the congregation organize, plan and lead the service each Sunday.  From time to time visiting ministers lead services and make presentations.  For the past two years we have had a part-time, consulting minister, Reverend Karen Fraser Gitlitz.  Karen is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and is the settled minister at the Unitarian Church in Saskatoon.  She has visited us 4 or 5 weekends each year during which time she has presented sermons, attended Board meetings and contributed valuable information, encouragement and inspiration.

In addition to volunteer service leaders, visiting ministers and our consulting minister, we usually have a Lay Chaplain, a member of the Fellowship who is trained through a series of workshops to conduct weddings, memorial services and naming ceremonies.  The role of the Lay Chaplain does not include leading Sunday services, pastoral care or preaching.  You can contact the Lay Chaplain through the Administration Coordinator:


There are several committees in the Unitarian Fellowship which are important to our congregational life.  These committees are run by and for the members and friends of the Fellowship.  Current committees include the following:

Sunday Service Committee            Music Committee                    Nominating Committee
Endowment Fund Committee         Lay Chaplain’s Committee      Building Committee
Membership Committee                 Social Action Committee

For more information, send an email to the Administration Coordinator: