Indigenous Insights


Honourable Murray Sinclair

People Who Can, Should: Video, 7 minutes (March 2018)

It Begins with Leadership: Video, 12 minutes (June 2015)

Dr. Pam Palmater

If it Feels Good, it’s Not Reconciliation: Video, 1.5 hours (February 2018 Woodrow Lloyd Lecture)

  • Synopsis by J. Knox   Under Construction

Insights on the corrections system and Restorative Justice

Indigenous incarceration rates (June 2018)

Shelly Chartier’s Story and Gladue Court (October 2017)

Restorative Justice (June 2018)

The Honourable Murray Sinclair — Toward Justice and Reconciliation in Canada – The Role of Restorative Justice: Video, 21 minutes

Indigenous Insights on treaties

Institute for Research on Public Policy: Video, 1.25 minutes (March 2018)

Economic question

National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association – NACCA & DISC: Working Towards a New Fiscal Relationship (January 2018)

What impact does the Indian Act have on Indigenous businesses? — Under Construction

Indigenous Insights on the environment

Eriel Tchekwie Deranger discusses indigenous communities, health, the economy, and climate change (in context of Alberta tar sands) Video, 4 minutes — American Public Health Association (November 2017)

Indigenous Climate Action Network

Philip Brass on Climate Change and Youth; Peepeekisis First Nation, Treaty 4, Saskatchewan — Video, 1.5 minutes of thoughtful commentary  (February 2017)

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