Giving feels good

The Value of your Donations

Your gifts sustain our Fellowship and maintain a safe place for the community to gather. Sunday mornings are a time of inspiration and deep connection as we share our insights, concerns and joys, supporting each other in an ever-changing world.

Your gift makes it possible for us to work with others to reject racism and promote full inclusion of all people regardless of their religion, race, identity, sexual orientation or age. Thank you for your donation to our Fellowship!

We issue annual tax receipts for all gifts over $20.00.

Your generous support of the Unitarian Fellowship makes so much possible in our community. We deeply appreciate donations in any amount.

Ways you can give

Methods that make giving easy
Some methods result in a small administrative charge from your bank to you, some reduce your gift by a small amount, and some have no administrative fees.

    • CAFT – automated funds transfer (direct deposit, no administration)
      A simple way to make regular donations of a pre-determined amount is with an automated deposit directly from your bank account to the Fellowship’s credit union account. Download the form here, fill out the form, save and/or print. Contact the treasurer at for additional assistance.
    • e-Transfer
      Ask your financial institution to enable your account to send or receive e-transfers. You can set it up with a phone call so it is quick and easy! Please send your e-Transfer donation to Depending on your financial institution’s policies, there may not be a charge for this arrangement.
    • Post-dated cheques
      We are happy to receive your cheques which can be dated for the 1st or 15th of each month.
    • Donate on this website—powered by CanadaHelps
      Make a regular donation to the Unitarian Fellowship through CanadaHelps using this DONATE button. Canada Helps charges the Unitarian Fellowship a 3-3.5% administration charge for each donation and provides the receipt directly to the donor. CanadaHelps also provides free consultations and learning opportunities for Fellowship volunteers.
    • Cash on Sunday morning
      A gift in our donation basket is appreciated! It just requires a little forethought. Please make sure you put your cash gift into an envelope marked with your name so we can record it and give you a receipt for income tax purposes at the end of the year.

Monthly gifts
No matter which method you choose, we recommend monthly giving. It makes it easier for YOU and for the Fellowship to plan for the future.

Quarterly or annual gifts are also very welcome. Whatever is most convenient!

Tribute Gift
Take this opportunity to thank a friend with a special gift to support an organization they care about. We will provide a card illustrating our beautiful historic building.

Celebrate a special birthday
Coming up on one of those BIG birthdays? Ask your friends to donate to the Fellowship to support the Fellowship’s reconciliation and anti-racism work.