Build a Better Roof Campaign

Built in 1928, the Unitarian Centre was well cared for over the decades. Now it is time to replace the roofing and protect the whole building from water damage and high winds. There are cracks and holes!

The Unitarian Centre’s roof protects its historic dome and the Unitarian Fellowship. The whole community uses the Unitarian Centre for theatre, musical performances, rehearsals, weddings, and other celebrations. It is there to meet the needs of families and the whole community. And perhaps most important, the Unitarian Centre is there as a calm space for spiritual reflection in an uncertain world.

The Unitarian Fellowship of Regina is warmly welcoming to people of all races, cultures, genders, and faith backgrounds. We are committed to reconciliation. We act on social issues like housing and livable income. And we work with others to dismantle racism and other oppressions.

A lot of good things happen under our roof. 

The Unitarian Roof Campaign aims to raise $45,000 by September 2024. We began the campaign in October 2022. As of April 2023, we have raised about $8,000.  We welcome any amount.

Please donate today! 

If thirty people donate $1,000, it would push our campaign over the roof! Your donation could make a big difference. 

Mail a cheque to 2700 College Avenue, Regina, SK   S4T 1V1         Send an e-transfer to

The Unitarian Fellowship, a registered charity, will send you a tax receipt.

Generosity builds community. Your gifts ensure that:

  • the Unitarian Centre stays safe and dry
  • the Regina community continues to have access to a great space
  • the Unitarian Fellowship continues to work with others to build a better tomorrow.

Thank you!

Your help will be greatly appreciated as we work to build a better roof.