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Unitarians care about what is happening in the world today. Our purpose encourages us to study the social questions of the day, to reflect on the views of others, and promote actions that will build a better society.

We actively educate ourselves to be full participants in Truth and Reconciliation (see our Reconciliation pages)

Here we share our priority areas of concern, what we are learning and what we can do together: Basic Income for Canadians, Environment, and Diversity

Get involved and Be a Change-Maker.

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Beyond Diversity and Inclusion

The Multi-cultural Council of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Anti-racist Network sponsored the event recorded in 2022. This 2-hour webinar is a fascinating examination of where racism comes from and what we can do about it today. The education system is one way (a long-term plan), but public discussions are a critical place to focus our attention. Communities of practice like the Unitarian Fellowship can make a difference at the grassroots level.

It is a fact that Canadians have a long colonial history that is different than the narrative we are taught about our reputation as a friendly democratic country. We grow up with racist ideas. The truth is, it takes more than hard work to succeed in a world where some receive more benefits than others. White settlers received free land, business opportunities, access to education and healthcare. Indigenous people had their land taken away and were not allowed to sell farm produce even if they owned the farm (yes, some did). As a colonial society, Canada created racist policies and practices that continue today.

We are beginning to understand that what we were taught is not the whole story. We are aware we have much to learn. If we address our attitudes first, then we can challenge ourselves and address inequalities more quickly. The old world is being dismantled and there will be resistance. We need to learn how to respond so that our society can move more quickly toward equity for all.

What can WE Do?

  1. Challenge yourself to set aside 2 hours and listen to the entire webinar Beyond Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Support the TRC Calls to Action and the MMIWG Calls for Justice
    1. Read them! (links above)
    2. Adopt what you and your organization are ready for…do something NOW
    3. Identify ways to address systemic racism and barriers, for example:
      • Call it out
      • Use active witnessing – address denial by seeking small changes in awareness

Basic Income

Basic Income Canada Network (BICN)

In January 2020, the BICN produced a white paper outlining three optional designs for a universal income in Canada. All three options are based on BICN’s principles and goals:

  • to reduce inequality, including inequality between women and men;
  • prevent poverty;
  • provide everyone with greater income security, including middle-income earners; and
  • ensure the wealthiest individuals and corporations contribute their fair share.

You can read the full BICN report Basic Income: Some Policy Options for Canada or a one page excerpt outlining the three options and their estimated costs:

Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA)

A February 2021 report by the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA) gives us a first ever look at the economic impacts of a national Basic Income in Canada. This report examines the benefits to families receiving payments under two potential basic income programs and the possible economic impacts of the programs, as well as how these impacts are shaped by the way in which a program is funded.

Read the Infographic Summary OR the Highlights

OR the full report by CANCEA: Potential Economic Impacts and Reach of Basic Income Programs in Canada” 

1-Page Infographic Summary (by UBI Works)  Last Updated: February 16, 2021

Report Highlights (by UBI Works)

What can WE do?

  1. Zoom in!—take advantage of the many learning opportunities available on the Internet. Watch for new Zoom events here.
  2. Read all about it!  Several reports became available in 2020 and 2021: (see above links)
  3. Talk to your friends—spread the good news that we CAN afford this public policy and reduce human suffering.
  4. Join other Unitarians: Read the position statement of the Canadian Unitarian Council
  5. Sign a petition — How do you feel about lifting people out of poverty?
  6. Respond to a quick questionnaire to show support for  Guaranteed Livable Basic Income and get more MOVEMENT IN PARLIAMENT

Basic Income is Affordable

UBI Works’ article explains How to Pay for Basic Income

We can pay for a Basic Income without costing the vast majority of Canadians.  Some strategies include contributions from our financial sector, fewer tax breaks for large companies, and limiting subsidies used by the wealthiest.

What can WE do?

  • Tell your elected Member about how we can afford a basic income for those in need.
  • Share the highlights of our UBI plan with your MP, Premier, provincial and territorial Members, and Senators. You can let them know that Basic Income is not only affordable – it’s cost effective.
  • Add your voice below – it takes less than a minute

Join others who wish to take action on social issues

Our Fellowship has many interests, based on our Principles and the circumstances of our country and province. Our library focus is on reconciliation but many members are well-informed on other social issues. Join us to take action toward positive race relations and other social action initiatives. Help us get to know the realities of our world and be a positive influence.